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Who  we  are?

Noviat was created in 2009 by two specialists in the computer world, Luc de Meyer and Marc Pirenne. Their expertise, complementary and acquired according to the responsibilities exercised within large companies and SMEs, covers multiple technical aspects as well as the thorough understanding of all the processes of a company.

The decision to move towards the integration of Open Source ERP Odoo has been imposed, for several reasons, and mainly that to meet the challenge of no longer having to choose between the organization of a large company and the the dynamism of an SME but to be able to benefit from the advantages of both types of structures.

Or in other words ...

ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) is the major tool of a company to optimize the computerized management of all its processes. The vast majority of ERPs on the market require significant investment, as well as having to adapt to a very inflexible tool. If there are cheaper ones, their flexibility remains extremely small and therefore poorly meets the needs of small and medium-sized enterprises.

Open Source proves to be a profitable choice for these companies as they find in this approach a response to their need to control their investments and a capacity for complete adaptation to their configuration. It is in this logic that Noviat, in addition to its role of integrator initially turned towards the private sector, innovated by creating new modules and thus met the expectations of local authorities, in search of solutions to meet at best the expectations of taxpayers.

In a context where digitalization of the private sector (SME / SMI) and the public sector has become a major issue for almost all European partners, its companies and communities will be able to find Noviat and its entire team , a quality partner to ensure their transition, development and sustainability.



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