Open Source

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What is Open Source?

Open Source is a collaborative approach that allows many people, whether they know themselves or not, professional or not, to contribute to the writing of a code or a program in order to create a computer tool (a spreadsheet, a treatment text, etc ...).

Its robustness is ensured by the fact that everyone having access to the code, all can make him undergo the most restrictive tests in order to detect any flaws. Not being subjected to financial constraints, these phases of tests are generally longer and therefore more accomplished.

If there are no financial constraints, the Open Source is free?

Yes, if you use open source codes as they were developed.

On the other hand, if you need a tool that meets very specific requirements, which is common in the professional world, you will most certainly have to call on a person or a specialized company (an integrator).

Naturally, a financial contribution will be required.

What does this financial compensation correspond to?

As a first step, this person or integrator will need to fully understand how your business processes work, and in some cases help you improve them.

In a second step, it will be necessary to study how to modify existing open source codes to adapt them and respond precisely to the demand of each process (personnel management, inventory management, accounting, etc ...).

Finally, as part of a business, there are several processes that need to be able to communicate with each other. From a computer point of view, these are very complex issues because they bring into play the proper functioning of your company!

In the end, you invest in the expertise and time spent by an integrator to create a powerful tool that will support the optimization and growth of your business.

Will it still be cheaper than a commercial tool?

Everything depends on the work to be done.

If your processes are simple, adapting the tool to your business configuration will not be an important job and therefore the open source ERP solution will be less expensive than a commercial tool (for the few that are accessible to small businesses and medium-sized enterprises).

If instead you have complex processes and the need for a perfectly adapted tool, it is possible that the ERP Open Source solution is more expensive but it is not an obligation either, it depends on the configuration.

In any case, do not hesitate to contact us to discuss with us about your situation and to see to what extent and in what budget Noviat  will be able to bring you its expertise.