Noviat guides you throught the whole project via our unique sales and implementation process: One Point of Contact , from defining your needs to the Go Live Stadium! Noviat is your Project Life Time Cycle trusted advisor. Read more about our unique method: Noviat uniques project experience.

Noviat Solutions


Noviat implements financial and accounting solutions. Noviat has developped the Belgian Accounting module, for Odoo. 

Noviat also created a module for cash managment (cashpooling and give you a minute by minute clear view of your cash position).


Get a full control over your sales funnel by our CRM/Sales solutions. Organize your opportunities and stay focused on your best deals. Customize your pipeline according to your needs and drag & drop your opportunities from one stage to another.  Get instant visual information about next actions, new messages, top opportunities and expected revenues.


Get a seamless and effective manufacturing process by automatically scheduling orders based on procurement rules, quantity forecasts & dependent demand.

Define routings and plan the working time and capacity of your resources.

Quickly identify resource requirements and bottlenecks to ensure production meets delivery schedule dates.

Logistics/Purchase & Stock Management

Get the most efficient stocking method and improve all your internal operations. 

Keep an eye on all your stock by tracing all your past and future inventory transactions. Track in detail all stock moves, in your warehouse and everywhere else your stock goes. Browse through the upstream or downstream traceability flows to get a clear view of what happened to a specific product or shipment.

Tailormade solutions

Noviat also delivers complete solutions thanks to its extensive network of specialized partners.


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